Love the way you lie

2010-08-08 @ 11:11:10


2010-06-23 @ 14:16:33

I've never felt so much love before

2010-05-22 @ 11:12:01

I know I didn't say that I loved you enough But just cause I wasn't saying it Doesn't mean that I wasn't thinking it

2010-05-09 @ 20:00:13

Peace is free

2010-05-08 @ 21:34:03

So we turn the page and Say goodbye and walk away from everything That we worked so hard to save

2010-04-28 @ 20:21:07

high on life

2010-04-27 @ 17:19:15


2010-04-25 @ 23:01:54

it's complicated, So complicated

2010-04-19 @ 14:08:09

one step behind

2010-03-31 @ 14:56:23

Vi kunde vinna mot hela världen
men inte mot oss själva.

me and you were meant to last forever

2010-03-31 @ 02:12:19

Hur kunde kärleken försvinna?

Pieces of you

2010-03-31 @ 01:24:18

Första gången på länge som jag känner mig pigg, huvudvärken är nästan borta och mitt problem i nuläget är att jag inte kan sova. Allt för många funderingar och tankar som stör min sömn. Jag är kvar i nått jag lämnat.

Will I ever understand?

2010-03-10 @ 21:22:34

people that are meant to be together, always find their way in the end

2010-03-10 @ 20:57:30

Jag har inget att säga idag så jag bjuder på en lång och trevlig tystnad.

you were never the best for me

2010-03-05 @ 18:32:48

I can't believe you were the one to build me up and tear me down

2010-03-05 @ 18:14:20

I guess it's really over.

Don't make me change my mind

2010-02-27 @ 16:44:51

Kärlek vid sista ögonkastet!

if you thought I would wait for you, you thought wrong.

2010-02-25 @ 08:39:26

It's a little too late for you to come back.

I don't want to miss you tonight

2010-02-15 @ 19:49:49

you can dream about the future, but don't forget your past

2010-02-15 @ 15:12:55

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